Kennewick CPA - Tax Professional Services

At Kennewick CPA, we’d like you to think of our accounting firm as your personal financial coach – for you as an individual or a business owner – that is committed to ensuring your financial health and economic well-being. 

The Kennewick CPA team at PorterKinney offers extensive experience and industry background to help you accomplish your financial goals and to feel empowered with your personal and business financial decisions. 

Porter-Kinney is a premier, full-service accounting firm that specializes in strategic tax preparation for individuals and businesses. 

The Kennewick CPA team, meanwhile, is here to serve your financial needs in the greater Kennewick area. Our CPAs go above and beyond to deliver first-rate tax professional services and financial services. In addition to tax preparation, Kennewick CPA offers payroll, bookkeeping, and business consulting services. 

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Preparing You for Success with Your Taxes

Our team at Kennewick CPA works diligently throughout the year to make sure you are paying the least amount in taxes that is legally allowed. Whether you are a small business owner or an individual, we have the knowledge and expertise to search for tax deductions and discuss tax strategies that will fully benefit you and your business. 

At Kennewick CPA, we provide comprehensive tax services that include tax preparation, handling issues with the IRS, and examining ways to protect as much of your income and assets as possible. 

We believe there is no tax software that offers the customized services and expert guidance that Kennewick CPA does. Our seasoned accountants are highly skilled at making the tax system work for our clients, helping to ensure they pay as little as possible to the IRS. We are dedicated to lowering your tax liability and helping your business grow. 

Our Kennewick Certified Public Accountants are knowledgeable about the latest tax law changes and the most current tax regulations – so you have access to the best and most relevant facts and figures to help you and your business grow and succeed!

Looking After Your Best Financial Interests

At Kennewick CPA, we understand that you have family commitments, a hectic and very busy career, and minimal personal downtown. Life goes by fast and it’s hard to keep up with all of the never-ending tasks and ever-growing lists of activities that consume your time. Sometimes vital documents get forgotten, lost, or delayed. 

That is why we invite you to leverage our expertise and strategic financial planning services to make sure your financial goals and business requirements never get overlooked. If you are a business owner, it is essential that you partner with Kennewick CPA, as we offer relevant experience working with professionals in your industry. 

Whether you are a dentist, graphic designer, architect, licensed massage therapist, doctor, restaurant owner, or nutritionist – it doesn’t matter your job or industry – Kennewick CPA has the team of accountants with the relevant and high-level expertise for your industry. 

Our dedicated team at Kennewick CPA will provide you with sound financial advice and practical fiscal guidance that delivers value to your business. You have our promise that we always act in your best interest as we position your business favorably when it comes to tax preparation, organizing payroll, streamlining bookkeeping procedures, and business consulting.

Financial Services Delivered with Clarity and Purpose

All our accountants at Kennewick CPA answer your questions in plain English, with lay terminology, so you, our valued client, always benefit from transparency when it comes to receiving recommendations and advice designed to strengthen your bottom line. At Kennewick CPA, we believe nothing should get in the way of delivering essential accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, and consulting services so your business receives optimal benefits that drive the growth of your enterprise. 

At Kennewick CPA, we make it our priority to answer your questions and explain issues simply and clearly. Clarity is our goal in all the communication we have with our clients!  We want you to feel comfortable and confident with all the financial decisions we make together as a team!

Business Consulting Designed for Your Success

Our team at Kennewick CPA provides a variety of business consulting services that include business plan creation, business entity consultations, marketing plan creation, and financial analysis. 

Even before you fully establish your business, our experienced CPAs can set up your business correctly and help you avoid costly mistakes. We’ll help you develop goals for your business and combine that with a strategy to turn them into reality. Our business plans are designed to provide you with realistic benchmarks and reachable goals so your business is on track to be successful, even in an ever-changing business climate and amidst upward swings and unexpected downturns in the economy. 

Our top-flight CPAs will also put together a sweeping financial analysis that thoroughly assesses the viability, stability, and profitability of your business. In collaboration with you, our team at Kennewick CPA will set you up for success by making sure you are in an advantageous position for sustainable growth within your industry. 

Kennewick CPA – An Indispensable Asset to Your Business

When you team up with Kennewick CPA, you have the assurance of knowing that every aspect of your financial operation is being competently managed. We are with you every step of the way, always addressing your questions and concerns, offering sound advice and practical insights as we help you navigate the financial landscape so your business is in a position to thrive. 


Whether it’s helping your business run payroll more efficiently, or simplifying and streamlining your bookkeeping processes, or searching for tax deductions and reducing your tax liability, the Kennewick CPA team at PorterKinney is a trusted partner committed to your success.