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In today’s day and age, payroll shouldn’t be a big headache. If your payroll system has you drowning in paper, checks and reports, it’s time to upgrade to an online, cloud-based payroll system. You can log-on to the online software from your computer, tablet or smart phone and pay your employees with a few clicks. We process all of the payroll reports and taxes for you behind the scene. Call PorterKinney today at 509-713-7300 to find out how affordable it can be to outsource your payroll system.

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PorterKinney in Richland, WA offers complete and customized payroll services for businesses of all sizes. Depending upon the size of your business, payroll may be one of the most complex tasks your administrative staff handles. Payroll involves more than simply writing checks to your employees.

In addition to paying your employees, you must also account for payroll taxes owed to federal, state and local agencies. In addition, your employees may pay for a portion of their benefits, including health care premiums, life insurance and retirement contributions. As an employer, you may be required to calculate, withhold and pay the taxes you collect. 

A worker’s payroll data accumulates throughout the year. Periodically, you’ll be required to remit the employment taxes you’ve collected to the appropriate federal, state or local treasuries. When you submit your tax payments, you’re also required to submit a number of documentary forms to the agencies that collect taxes. Generally, you’ll forward tax payments and the accompanying documentation to the appropriate agencies on a quarterly or annual basis.

Some payroll software programs may not allow you to submit electronic payments and forms. Others may not calculate local taxes, or handle special employee deductions very well. For example, an employee may be required to make child support or other court-ordered payments. If your payroll software does not manage this, you may need to make manual entries to calculate, withhold and forward these payments correctly.

Employee Time Keeping System

Employee timekeeping is at the heart of any payroll system. The timekeeping system must be simple enough for the employees to use, and sophisticated enough to generate the appropriate documentary records. In addition, when you prepare your own payroll, you’ll need software and equipment that is dedicated to that task. You’ll need to update your tax tables each time a tax rate changes, and you’ll have to enter every employee into the system. For each new employee, you’ll need to file the W-4 and I-9 paperwork as part of setting up a new employee in the payroll system.

Your payroll software may or may not support electronic filings for common forms, including Forms 940 and 941, and forms are specific to Washington, or to the states in which you conduct business. Further, your payroll software may or may not fully integrate into other accounting software you use to manage your business.

Online Cloud Based Payroll Software

PorterKinney offers a better payroll solution for Tri-Cities, WA businesses of all sizes. Our online payroll services allow you or your administrative staff to run the payroll from any computer, tablet or phone. In addition, we can run your payroll for you if you provide us with the appropriate data. This makes your payroll independent from a specific computer in your office. It also means you can free up your administrative staff for other tasks while we manage your payroll.

With PorterKinney’s online payroll services, we take care of the software setup for you. There’s nothing to install at your business. You simply log into your secure, cloud-based payroll service and work on an easy-to-use web interface.

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Better still, PorterKinney can help you eliminate the reams of paper your current payroll system may generate. Your employees may have online access to their payroll records and receive .pdf payroll information. In addition, the system can electronically file your required payroll forms, including 940, 941, 944, W-2 and state tax filings. Our system virtually eliminates the labor involved in creating the year-end reporting your employees need to file their personal tax returns. Our online payroll service also provides free direct deposit for payroll funds, a time-saving and highly-secure feature.

PorterKinney’s online payroll services are easy to use and highly affordable. Additionally, we eliminate the time-intensive tasks associated with payroll and taxes, so your staff can focus confidently on other responsibilities.

If you would like more information about Porter Kinney’s online payroll services, and how they can streamline your back-office processes, please call us at 509-713-7300. You can also email us at, or fill out our contact form and we’ll arrange a consultation for your Tri-Cities, WA business.